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I’m investigating how the smartest people in the world organize knowledge to do their best work.

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About me

My name is Dan Shipper. I started and sold Firefly. I’ve spent the last two years or so writing a novel, investing in pre-seed startups, and working with founders at prehype.

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What the people are saying (some of them don’t even know me!)


When I was running Firefly I started to think of myself as a kind of information processing engine. I was taking a bunch of inputs — from customers, mentors, blog posts, books, and trying to transform them into outputs: decisions, code, slide decks, blog posts, etc.

But there’s so much information out there that I found myself spending a lot of time building a systems to make this process more efficient: helping me remember and apply what the things I was learning at the right time.

Practically, this means I take a lot of notes. But on a deeper level it means things like:

  • Being thoughtful about how to live

  • Defining core principles and ways of being

  • Generating real understanding and practical knowhow from books and smart people

I think most people look at this as a kind of nerdy hobby. But over time, I’ve come to believe that a lot of successful people do the same thing — not just nerdy programmers.

In this newsletter I examine people who do this well, and understand the systems and tools they’ve developed to support them in living their lives.

The goal here is to show here that this isn’t just a nerdy hobby, but that Everyone’s a Nerd.

I publish a new interview approximately once a week, and will publish original essays on a more irregular cadence.

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